Sun Seed Community Podcast

S2E7 Black Doulas, We Out Here

December 26, 2020 Goddess Season 2 Episode 7
Sun Seed Community Podcast
S2E7 Black Doulas, We Out Here
Show Notes

Community care involves support for BlPOC birthing bodies and their babies. PERIODT. Full Spectrum Doula and Founder of Kismet Doula Services, Olivia Samples, and I talk about what it means to support birthing bodies outside of a white CIShet framework. Olivia does it all when it comes to birthing; from reproductive support all the way to making nutritional meals for her clients postpartum. If children are our future then making sure there are well-rounded support systems for the folx that birth them is vital. 

Olivia is planning to support 5 families this year at no cost to the. Please support their mission by donating to their GoFundMe.


FB/IG: @kismetdoulaservices


Natal Stories Podcast

Sister Song

Black Mamas Matter

Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty by Dorothy Roberts

Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington

MUSIC BY: Onika of Black Dream Escape

PRODUCED BY: Goddess and Vesta



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